Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Donald P. GhostMaster vs. McMaster Accepted Class of 2017

Some friends and I run a joke Facebook account called Donald P. GhostMaster. Originally, he was called Donald P. ChodeMaster, but then the account got deleted, so we made a new one with the surname "GhostMaster." Eventually, I'll write a whole post about the history of the original account (it's hilarious) but for the purposes of this piece you don't need to know anything more... other than that we use the GhostMaster account for hilarious trolling, such as below.

The group Donald infiltrated is, as per the title of this post, the McMaster Accepted Class of 2017. This is where new students to the university come and introduce themselves, old ones offer help and guidance, bla bla bla. I did none of that, and instead used Donald's account to wreak some havok.

I started by posting a bio for him...


Next I posted on some other people's bios...



The account was then banned... along with Raj's.