Saturday, December 29, 2012

Trolling #2: More Guelph, a Musical, and Other Crap

In case you didn't guess, the "Try a laxative" guy is me. This is an old picture and for some reason I blanked out my own name.

Anyway, get it? Trolling #2? And I start with that post?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!1111!1!1

Moving on... 

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Here's another University of Guelph troll. Basically, a girl posted asking for help with an Economics book review or something. Being a huge troll, I seized the opportunity to divert all attention to my own "review:" (which I wrote in about five minutes and made as bad as possible)

SIDENOTE: Remember the friend I mentioned in my last post who actually goes to Guelph? He ended up using bits of my "review" in his actual assignment and got a 90 on it. I won't even make a joke here; that kinda speaks for itself.

Anyway, here's the rest of the conversation. The blacked out name is my (for now anonymous) friend: (yeah, the same one I just mentioned)

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There's a long story behind this troll— one which I will probably post about at some point. Anyway, for now all you need to know is that I was royally screwed over by a shitty theatre group who I was drumming for. (I was kicked out of the production a day before opening because I couldn't make it to a practise DURING A HURRICANE... but like I said, that story shall be told another time.)

They had a Facebook group though, which meant trolling possibilities, and after being booted from the production they, for some bizarre reason, didn't kick me out of it. Pissed off, I replaced the group header with this:

I didn't get to do any more because I was banned from the group right after.

However, I did do a bit of funny stuff in the group while I was still part of the show. Here's one where the executives wanted cast bios for the programs:

NOTE: Nastazja was the director of somethi... well, she was in charge. She was also a total spaz and the one responsible for getting me kicked off the show (as far as I know).

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To end off, here's a post which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside :) 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Trolling: University of Guelph Facebook Page

It's been a while, Blogger!

Well, I've decided to get back into the swing of things (an early New Year's Resolution) and to start off, here's some hilarious trolling I've been doing to the University of Guelph Facebook Page.

A bit of background: I don't actually go to Guelph, but a really good friend of mine does. He approved my request to join the group, thereby allowing me to wreak troll havoc on its members.

I commented on a post someone made about their peers' giving low PeerScholar marks to one other. Essentially, it was: "We should only give each other high marks, even if our work is terrible!" Below is what happened: 


Talk about escalating quickly...

Here's another one. Someone was asking questions about a lab or something, I don't remember what exactly. What happened next? READ BELOW! 


Here's one final one for all of you. It really isn't that funny, but whatever.

See ya!